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“Apocalypse Now”. “Desperados terrorize the world”. “International of malefactors”. “Satan revealed his face”. “Journey trough the rings of hell”. This is just a few headlines that portray the reaction to the terrorist attacks in the USA. They disclose our helplessness, our inability to understand modern terrorism. However, these acts of terror have not been committed by extra-terrestrial creatures, mutants, or demons from beyond. They are committed by people and not out of fancy, but with a purpose in mind, a purpose that they think is rational. The phenomenon of terrorism cannot be presented as demoniac, it needs to be understood. Without that the struggle with terrorism shall never be efficient.

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The European Union counterterrorism policy before and after the 9/11 attacks: to what extent does the European Union have an integrated policy towards terrorism?

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This article analyzes the development of antiterrorist policy in the EU before and after the World Trade Centre/Pentagon attacks. The first part reviews the European states’ response to terrorism through interstate cooperation before 9/11. After the Maastricht Treaty, counterterrorism was inserted into the third pillar of the EU. The 9/11 attacks radically changed the international scene. The EU responded to the new situation by enhancing and improving already existing antiterrorism measures, as well as by introducing new ones. However, some counterterrorism tools concerning sensitive issues such as the exchange of personal information and intelligence services have not been endorsed by EU Member States. Therefore, the last part of this analysis attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of counterterrorism actions and to respond to the title question.
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